How much will it cost ?

The price will vary according to the requirement. Whether your hair is short and you want it to be long, or fine and you want volume, or you may want to add hi-lites for a colour change. Blonde hair is generally more expensive than dark hair due to the extra processing. The hair price increases with length desired.

Generally hair extension vary from between £200 to £800.

This can completely transform your looks because Racoon Hair Extensions will look and feel like real hair. Only top quality 100% European hair is used - the best you can get - for a completely natural look.


How long Does it take to apply Hair Extensions ?

This depends on your requirements, whether you want volume, length or for adding colour the process can take anything from 2 - 8 hours. This is Why it is much more convenient to have hair extensions applied in your home.


How long do Hair Extensions last ?

The extensions will last from 3 - 4 months at which point they should be professionally removed. The reason is that the normal hair fall will become tangled in the bonds and will begin to knot.

Once removed natural hair can be conditioned and hair extensions can be reapplied. All European hair is re-useable.


Will the extensions need professional maintenance ?

Yes. They will need to be looked at after about 6 weeks. Hairs may lock together from bond to bond and need to be de-tangled. This is an important part of having instant long hair


Can I use a hair dryer on Hair Extensions

The extended hair may be washed and heated as normal hair (i.e. Using flattening irons, curling tongs, heated rollers, hair dryers etc.) The bonds will not be affected so therefore many styles can be achieved.